Extracurricular Activities for the New Fiscal Year


The emergency estate was lifted on March 21, however, covid patients are on the rise and an increase of patients is a possibility. To ensure the safety of everyone at TUFS, we would like you to follow the following when committing to extracurricular activities.

  1. Gathering new students and information sessions should all be conducted online. Handing leaflets and face-to-face recruit is prohibited until further notice.
  2. Make sure to ensure internet safety and handle URLs carefully if you are going to conduct real time online recruiting.
  3. Activities where anti-covid measures are not ensured are prohibited (eating, camps, etc).
  4. Make sure to submit the extracurricular activity report with the date and place of the activities, the temperature of the participating members, etc. to the Student Affairs Division before and after the extracurricular activity. Likewise, please follow the "Tokyo University of Foreign Studies New Coronavirus Disease Control Extracurricular Activities and Facility Usage Guidelines”.

Student Affairs Division, Academic Affairs Department