Student Support Project in response to the novel coronavirus
Distribution of meal ticket for COOP Cafeteria

17 November 2020

To Students,

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (hereinafter referred to as “TUFS”) have decided, as part of the “Support Project in response to the novel coronavirus”(refer to as “Support project”), to distribute meal tickets that can be used at the COOP Cafeteria to the students in need.

Students who wish to apply shall read below and apply through the form-mailer. As the budget is limited, there may be screening or adjustments if the application exceeds the number of expected quotas.

※ This support fund is different from the “Emergency Student Support Benefit for “Continuing the Education” by the Japanese Government” and the “Special Cash Payment in response to the novel coronavirus.”

1. Eligibility (must meet all of below)
(1) Students of TUFS (excluding those under study leave at the time of application)
(2) Commuting to Fuchu campus to attend the face-to-face class(es)
(3) Facing financial difficulties due to the spread of noval coronavirus.
(4) Agree to have the personal information provided at the application to be shared with TUFS COOP.

2. How to apply
(1) Apply through the following form-mailer
(2) Application period: 15:00 17 November (Tues) – 17:00 24 November (Tues)

3. Overview of the project
(1) Amount per person: 5000 yen
(2) Expected number of students to be supported: 240

Student Support Management Office