About COVID-19 (novel coronavirus infection)

【To All students】

What to do if you are diagnosed with COVID-19

2020.07.06 updated

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, please report immediately through the following web form https://business.form-mailer.jp/fms/cba9c7b2121230.

Please do not come to the university until the disease is completely cured.
Also, if the diagnosis has not been confirmed and you are instructed to make follow ups, please stay at home, until the diagnosis is denied.
Follow your doctor's instructions and concentrate on inpatient treatment or medical treatment at your accommodation or home.
If you can choose to stay at the accommodation facility or wait at home, consider positively medical treatment at the accommodation facility from the perspective of avoiding the risk of infection of family members or house mate and responding to sudden changes in your physical condition.
(When an infected person stays at home during treatment, the family (cohabitant) is considered as concentrated/closed contact person and health observation period of 14 days is required after the patient's home treatment is completed.)

After the disease is cured and you are discharged from the hospital, or released from the designated accommodation or your home, please follow the below procedures.

  1. If you are hospitalized, please follow the instructions from your attending doctor when you are discharged from the hospital. You do not need to seek for medical certificates.
  2. If you stayed at the designated accommodation facility or at your home, attendance to the university will be allowed after at least 10 days from onset of symptoms and at least 3 days after symptoms disappear.

When coming to university, take measures to prevent infection, such as daily health management, wearing a mask, and maintaining social distance (distance from other people is about 2 meters) for about a week after discharge. In case of your bad condition, please do not come to school and stay at home.

What to do if you come in close contact with an infected person

2020.07.06 updated

If you have come into close contact* with an infected person, please do not come to the university during 2 weeks from the last day when you contacted with a COVID-19 infected person.
During this observation period, please do not attend school, pay attention to your health, stay home, refrain from going out unnecessarily and take measures to prevent infection according to the instructions of the public health center.
However, there is no need to stop attending online classes.
Please report to https://business.form-mailer.jp/fms/cba9c7b2121230 when you are identified as a close contact with an infected person.
If symptoms occur during this period, be sure to consult a specialist "Returnee/Contact Person Consultation Center" by telephone and consider visiting a medical institution.

*: "Close contact" refers to those who have contacted during the period from 2 days prior to the date of outbreak of the patient, including asymptomatic carrier(person) who have pathogens, to the date of isolation, the person who meets the following criteria is defined: a housemate or long time contact with COVID-19 patients (including in a car, train, or on an airplane), or " a contact more than 15 minutes was possible at a distance (approximately 2 meters) that could be touched by hand or face-to-face, without any necessary infection precautions.

COVID-19 patient (confirmed) is defined as “a person who have suspicious typical clinical symptoms of COVID-19 and confirmed by examination”.
Asymptomatic carrier(person) who have pathogens is defined as “a person who does not have typical clinical symptoms of COVID-19 but confirmed by examination”.