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TUFS Global Community

With "TUFS Associates" (TUFS Alumni, former international students who have studied at TUFS, foreign researchers and academic staff affiliated with TUFS) all around the globe, TUFS establishes "TUFS Global Community", which will act as a supporting body to promote TUFS' overseas activities.

1. Organization Strategy

(1) Target Locations

(2) Membership

2. Characteristics

(1) Connecting with the International Management Office, to assist the promotion of TUFS' overseas activities
(2) To support current students of TUFS with study abroad and career opportunities

3. Merit of being a TUFS Associate

(1) Exchange of information among the TUFS Associates
(2) Eligibility to attend TUFS Global Community meetings held at target locations and meet TUFS personnel (TUFS Global Community meetings are held to create a network among TUFS alumni and personnel and to support current students with study abroad and career opportunities)
(3) Embracing the TUFS Global Community network, connecting to current students

4. Significance to TUFS

(1) To network TUFS Associates and deepen relationship with them
(2) To reflect the opinions and requests of TUFS Associates with global perspectives upon TUFS education and research
(3) To encourage current students to benefit from study abroad experience