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Application Procedures for Exchange Programs

Instructions for Applying

Students interested in studying at TUFS under an Academic Exchange Agreement must confirm their eligibility for applying to our Student Exchange Programs through their home university's office that handles study abroad. Please contact them for details regarding application procedures.

All application materials should arrive at the following address before the submission deadline.

Student Exchange Division
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
3-11-1, Asahi-Cho, Fuchu-shi, 183-8534 Japan


Deadline for April Entry :  November 30th (previous year)
Deadline for October Entry :  March 31st

Length of the exchange period

Full year or one semester

Please note that students must attend at least either/ both Spring (1st) or/ and Fall (3rd) semester.

Contact Us
3-11-1, Asahi-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183-8534, Japan
Tel:+81-42-330-5184 Fax:+81-42-330-5189
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