Scholarship for Exchange Students

26th December, 2017 Updated

The Ministry of Education of Japan supports the Japan Students Service Organization (JASSO) Scholarship Program, which some international exchange students coming to TUFS receive each year. Students applying to either of our exchange programs are therefore asked to submit a Certificate of Enrollment Form for the JASSO Scholarship Program with their Application to TUFS. Basic information regarding the program is provided below.

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Scholarship Program

Eligibility Requirements
Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Not currently hold Japanese citizenship.
  2. Be enrolled in a regular degree program at a university that has concluded an Academic Exchange Agreement with TUFS.
  3. Eligible for exchange study under the rules of their home university’s exchange program.
  4. Be in good academic standing and possess good character.
  5. Be motivated, with a clear plan of study, and a likelihood to benefit from studying in Japan.
  6. Not have sufficient financial resources to study in Japan without the JASSO Scholarship.
  7. Agree to resume their studies at their home university upon completion of their period of study in Japan.
  8. Not be receiving any other public or private scholarships which provides you with more than 80,000 yen per month during their period of study in Japan.

When students are selected as a scholarship recipient, they must submit all required documents to TUFS upon completion of their exchange program.
Students need to send their transcript to TUFS when they transfer the credits obtained at TUFS to their home university upon completion of the exchange program.

Scholarship Details

  • \80,000 per month, for a duration of 3 months up to a maximum of 1 year.

Please refer to the JASSO web site for more information: