Joint Camp & Colloquium held by TUFS-TUAT-UEC

March 26, 2020

On November 16-17, 2019, a joint camp and colloquium was held at the Inter-University Seminar House in Hachioji as part of the “Program for Developing Global Human Resources through Interdisciplinary Collaboration between Arts and Sciences”, a joint project between the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), The University of Electro-Communications (UEC) and TUFS. This marked the sixth time that TUFS students have participated in this project.

This camp and colloquium aimed to expand the knowledge of students by having them explain their research in layman terms to students from completely different fields and specialties, while also having them reconsider the significance and potential of their own research from a general perspective. As an opportunity of this sort, this colloquium contributes to nurturing the students’ “ability to cooperate with others beyond the frameworks of the humanities and sciences”, which is the main goal of this program. In addition to this, another key point of this project is that students do not just present on their research, but also plan gatherings and events so they can form relationships that extend beyond the classroom.

On the first day, students participated in the Seminar House’s very own SPA Program. This consisted of various mini games that served as ice breakers between the participants. At the social event after this, students from the three universities were randomly split into small groups, and tasked with thinking of and pitching a tool or service that was relevant to all of their group members’ research topics. Many ideas came out of this such as 3D education, effective social media utilization for disaster recovery, visualization of the relationship between stress and language, and a detection system for Halal foods. At a gathering that night, the students competed and got to know each other more through a quiz on the three universities.

On the second day, the 32 seminars and organizations of the three universities gave presentations on their research. The following seminars participated from TUFS.

  • ODAWARA Rin Seminar: European Immigration and Immigrant Issues
  • UEHARA Kozue Seminar: Sociology
  • SUZUKI Mika Seminar: Japanese Language Education
  • KIKUCHI Yoko Seminar: Southeast Asian Studies
  • KATO Yuji Seminar: American Literature & Culture
  • NAKAYAMA Chikako Seminar: Global Studies (Water Resources)
  • TANIGUCHI Ryuko Seminar: Pragmatics
  • KUSAKABE Naonori Seminar: International Development Cooperation
  • TUFA-TUAT-UEC: Inter-University Exchange Project Latin America

Further Information:
Humanities and Sciences Cooperative Global Human Resources Training Program