Interdisciplinary Introductory Seminars held by TUFS-TUAT-UEC

March 26, 2020

In the 2019 summer quarter, “Interdisciplinary Introductory Seminars” were held as part of the “Program for Developing Global Human Resources through Interdisciplinary Collaboration between Arts and Sciences”, a joint project between the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), The University of Electro-Communications (UEC) and TUFS. This seminar course was the fourth of its kind to be held this year, and had students from the three universities mixing together to collaborate on research and presentations that surpass the boundary between the humanities and the sciences. Through this, this project aims to help students gain new perspectives and develop their reading comprehension, expressive abilities, communication skills, and task setting and problem solving skills. Two professors from each institution participated in this project, and so six seminars were held. This year, the seminars covered a wide range of different topics, as shown below.

  • “Machine Evaluation of Japanese Essays”
    Associate Professor ABE Shin (TUFS)
  • “Imagination is a Source of Learning! Archaeology as a Team: Environmental Awareness and Resource Utilization”
    Professor OGAWA Hidefumi (TUFS)
  • “Observing Animal Bodies”
    Professor SHIBATA Hideshi (TUAT)
  • “Measuring Device Workshop: Electric Fields and Charged Particles”
    Professor HATAKEYAMA Atsushi (TUAT)
  • “Controlling Cameras with Microcomputers”
    Professor HOSOKAWA Keisuke (UEC)
  • “Artificial Intelligence Development Tools and Computer Interaction”
    Professor NISHINO Tetsuro (UEC)

68 students from the three participating universities attended the joint orientation on July 29 (2019), then went on to participate in the six summer seminars and subsequently present their research results at the joint presentation held at UEC on September 26. At the joint presentation, students of each seminar took turns using posters and various devices to present their results, while the other students listened intently. After the presentations, the students voted on the presentations of each seminar, and a winner was chosen. This year, TUFS Associate Professor Abe’s seminar, “Machine Evaluation of Japanese Essays”, was declared the winner.

Further information:
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