Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Researchers Visit TUFS

January 29, 2020

On Tuesday the 14th of January, peacebuilding and conflict prevention researchers from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh visited TUFS to talk in a symposium by the Trans-Pacific Collaborative Online International Learning for the Multiculturalism and Conflict Resilience (TP COIL) entitled “Radicalization and Terrorism: Context, Trajectories and the Role of Education including the Possibility of COIL Type Education”. The visiting researchers took to the podium alongside TUFS Professor ISEZAKI Kenji (Institute of Global Studies) and gave their lectures.

Since the “PCS Global Campus Program” was chosen as a TUFS internationalization promotion program in 2006, online classes and collaborative research efforts have been continuously conducted between Peace and Conflict Studies courses at TUFS and eight universities in Asian countries with a history of conflict. These efforts have been published as an academic book titled “Radicalization in South Asia: Context, Trajectories and Implications”. This symposium was held to commemorate this feat.

Before the symposium, the visiting researchers met with TUFS President HAYASHI Kayoko.

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