TUFS President and Executive Director Renew Exchange Agreements in Taiwan

January 27, 2020

From Wednesday 25th to 27th of December, TUFS President HAYASHI Kayoko and Executive Director IMAI Akio visited Taiwan.

During the two-day visit, the delegation visited TUFS’ two partner universities in Taiwan, Tamkang University and National Taiwan University, and also visited the Ministry of Education, the government office in charge of educational and cultural policy.

At Tamkang University, a conference on future collaborative education in undergraduate and postgraduate courses was held.

At the National Taiwan University, a signing ceremony was held to renew the academic exchange agreement that was concluded with TUFS in 1999.

In the meeting with the Ministry of Education of Taiwan, the cooperative relationship between TUFS and educational institutions in Taiwan was confirmed.

Left: Dr. Huan-Chao KEH, President of Tamkang University
Signing Ceremony of the Academic Exchange Agreement at National Taiwan University (Second from right: Dr. Chung-Ming KUAN, President of National Taiwan University)
Meeting with the Ministry of Education of Taiwan (Fourth from right: Mr. Andy Cheu-An Bi, Director General of the Ministry of Education)