Minister of Moroccan Embassy Visits TUFS

January 27, 2020

On Friday 17th of January, Mr. Mohammed MESKAOUNI, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, visited TUFS and met with TUFS Vice President Professor MATSUKUMA Jun. Professor AOYAMA Hiroyuki (Institute of Global Studies) and Advisor MYOI Ryozo from the African Studies Center also attended this meeting.

At the meeting, Minister Meskaouni proposed establishing a researcher exchange. The possibility of establishing a place to exchange opinions on subjects such as multicultural understanding was also discussed.

In 2012, TUFS concluded an international academic agreement with Morocco's Mohammed V University of Rabat, and continues to conduct student exchanges with the institution. Thanks to the establishment of the School of Japan Studies in 2019, it is also expected that more international students from Morocco will come to TUFS.

Center: Mr. Mohammed MESKAOUNI, Minister Plenipotentiary