Information Session on ‘Quarantine and Infectious Diseases while Travelling Abroad’ held at TUFS

January 22, 2020

On Wednesday the 8th of January (2020), TUFS welcomed Mr. IDE Kazuhiko from the Quarantine Hygiene Division of the Tokyo Airport Quarantine Branch Office and Dr. Yamauchi from the TUFS Health Care Center to give the second information session on “Quarantine and Infectious Diseases while Travelling Abroad” for this academic year. This information session was targeted at both students planning to study abroad, including long term exchanges and short visits, and students planning to travel abroad in general.
The session began with a talk from Dr. Yamauchi on things to check before going abroad, things to look out for when abroad, and coping with stress when abroad.
Following this, Mr. Ide gave a talk on pre-departure preparation against infectious diseases (vaccinations, vaccination certificates, etc.), mosquito-borne infectious diseases (yellow fever, malaria, etc.), and diseases contracted from touching animals (rabies, hepatitis A, etc.). Mr. Ide also discussed preventative measures to be taken when abroad, and gathering information on infectious diseases (using the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s Quarantine Station Website, “FORTH”).
Over 250 students attended this session, showing their keen interest in health and safety when travelling abroad.

※The Student Exchange Division intends to continue holding similar sessions in the future and encourages students who could not attend this time to come to the next session.