‘Guitar Madagascar’ Screened at TUFS

January 15, 2020

On Friday the 20th of December, TUFS Cinema held a screening of the documentary film ‘Guitar Madagascar’ in AGORA Global’s Prometheus Hall.

This film is a documentary that follows the roots of the Madagascar music scene, a unique music scene that developed from Southeast Asian, African, Arabian and European influences. Following the screening, a talk session was held by the film’s director, KAMEI Takeshi, photographer HORIUCHI Takashi, Professor FUKAZAWA Hideo (TUFS Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa) and Associate Professor MINOURA Nobukatsu (Institute of Global Studies).

Many comments were left by attendees such as ‘it is fascinating how Malagasy music is related to family, religion and ceremonies,’ and ‘this was a good opportunity to think deeply about the link between sound and culture.’

The talk session
The film’s director, KAMEI Takeshi
A commentary on sign language and music