President Hayashi Attends SISU 70th Anniversary Celebration

January 16, 2020

From Friday the 6th to Sunday the 8th of December, various ceremonies and conferences were held at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), including the 70th anniversary celebration. TUFS President HAYASHI Kayoko and Professor SAWADA Yukari attended these events.

On the 7th, President Hayashi gave a speech at the World University Presidents Forum. On the 8th, President Hayashi gave a congratulatory address in Japanese at both the SISU 70th Anniversary Ceremony and the Japan Institute of Culture & Economics 60th Anniversary Ceremony.

Since establishing an academic agreement with Shanghai International Studies University in 1985, TUFS has continued to conduct various exchanges with SISU, and have set up a Global Japan Office on their campus.

TUFS President Hayashi Kayoko and SISU President Li Yansong
A group photo of university presidents from around the world