Vice President of Xiamen University Visits TUFS

December 5, 2019

On Thursday the 7th of November, Vice President and professor of the School of Economics’ Finance Department at Xiamen University (China), Vice President Bin Yang, visited TUFS and met with TUFS President HAYASHI Kayoko. This meeting was also attended by Professor MURAO Seiichi (Institute of Japan Studies) and Associate Professor NOHIRA Munehiro (Institute of Global Studies).

Since becoming partner institutions in 2004, TUFS has been conducting researcher and graduate student exchanges with Xiamen University’s Japanese department. TUFS has also been receiving undergraduate students since the current academic year, furthering relations between the two universities.

After the meeting, Vice President Bin Yang met with the students on exchange at TUFS from Xiamen University.

This visit is expected to have strengthened relations between Xiamen University and TUFS.

Vice President Bin Yang (second from right)
With the Xiamen University students on exchange at TUFS