Brazilian Student Movement Documentary Screened at TUFS

December 5, 2019

On Monday the 21st of October, TUFS Cinema held a screening of the Brazilian documentary “Your Turn” (2019) in AGORA Global’s Prometheus Hall.

This film is a documentary following Brazilian students involved in a number of political movements, including the protests against the price hike of public transportation and the occupation of public high schools amidst the government’s plans for reform. “Your Turn” was shown at the YAMAGATA International Documentary Film Festival in October, at which it won the Award of Excellence. TUFS also invited full-time lecturer at Kanda University of International Studies, Professor MASUKATA Shuichiro, to give a lecture on youth political participation following the screening.

Attendees of this screening left comments such as “it was a very interesting film that made me think about the political participation of young people and how one’s voice can affect politics”, and “the situation in Japan is becoming similar to Brazil, so this film isn’t just showing someone else’s problem, it really made me feel the meaning of “your turn”.

Prior to the screening, the director of this film, Eliza Capai, visited TUFS on Friday the 18th of October and met with some students.