Film About TUFS Polish Major Premieres at 35th Warsaw Film Festival

October 24, 2019

Recently, “Our Little Poland” (Matej Bobrík, Poland, 2019, 70 min), a documentary film about the Polish major at TUFS, was premiered at the 35th Warsaw Film Festival (October 11-20 2019).

This film is a documentary following the lives of a group of TUFS students in the Polish major from the time they entered TUFS up until they take to the stage to perform a Polish play during the Gaigosai of their second year (2015-2016). Director Matej Bobrík portrays one act of the students’ lives with a touch of wit and humor as they imagine their own futures while facing the realities of their bittersweet youth.

During the festival, this film was shown four times, with a representative teacher from the TUFS Polish department, Associate Professor MORITA Koji, hosting a Q&A session after three of these screenings, at which he was asked many questions by festivalgoers. The film received much praise, so much so that it was nominated for the Audience Award, and Professor Morita was interviewed by local media. This was a great opportunity to show the world that, despite being far away from Poland, there are students in Japan seriously committing to their Polish studies.

Moving forward, “Our Little Poland” is scheduled to be screened at other festivals in both Poland and Europe, and there are plans to show the film in theaters around Poland. There are also plans to screen the film in Japan early 2020, and to broadcast it on Polish television later that year.

Professor Morita answering questions from the audience post-screening
The director and crew
The venue for the festival, the Palace of Culture and Science
The Palace of Culture and Science’s Theater, Kinoteka