Embassy of Ecuador Gifts 29 Books to TUFS

September 5, 2019

On Friday the 2nd of August, Minister Gonzalo Gonzalez from the Embassy of Ecuador in Japan gifted 29 literary works on Ecuadorian history and culture to TUFS.

Aside from the minister, the gifting ceremony was also attended by Ms. Lorena Villalba and Ms. Kobayashi Yasuko from the embassy, and by Professor Nakayama Toshihide (Director of the TUFS Library), Vice President Matsukuma Jun, Associate Professor Haruna Nobuo (Institute of Japan Studies) and Ecuadorian student Ms. Fanny Haneo from TUFS.

TUFS intends to make these precious gifted works available for all in the library.

Left: Minister Gonzalez, right: Director Nakayama
From left: Minister Gonzalez, Director Nakayama, Associate Professor Haruna
From left: Ms. Villalba, Ms. Kobayashi, Associate Professor Haruna, Ms. Haneo, Minister Gonzalez, Director Nakayama, Vice President Matsukuma