TUFS holds Kyoto-Nara Trip for International Students

August 16, 2019

From Tuesday the 23rd until Thursday the 25th of July, TUFS held a three day trip to Kyoto and Nara for 30 international exchange students currently studying at TUFS. This trip is organized as a Japanese cultural experience by the Exchange Student Division, and is held for exchange students every year.

The trip revolved around visiting famous temples and shrines, with the students spending their first day at Tenryū-ji and Kinkakuji. On the second day, the students visited Todaiji, the Nara National Museum and Hōryū-ji, and their final day was then spent at Fushimi Inari-taisha, Kiyomisu-dera and Sanjūsangen-dō.

While the students were met with both thunderstorms and extreme summer heat during the trip, they were able to visit many historical buildings representative of Japan, and also do some shopping. Overall, the trip was a success.