Newly assigned President and Faculty of Tamkang University Pay a Courtesy Visit to President HAYASHI

July 8, 2019

On Thursday, July 4, 2019, newly assigned President Dr. KEH Huan-Chao and faculty of Tamkang University in Taiwan paid a courtesy visit to President HAYASHI Kayoko.

There have been student exchange opportunities between Tamkang University and TUFS since having concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement in 2012 and a student exchange agreement in 2014. Tamkang University is the oldest private institution in Taiwan and emphasizes education in foreign languages under the philosophy of globalization. 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the University and President Keh expressed his wish for President Hayashi’s attendance at the commemorative ceremony.

Vice President MATSUKUMA Jun and Dr. LIN Chunchen (Professor at the Institute of Japan Studies) attended the discussion held afterwards and exchanged opinions on the importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration among the fields of engineering, linguistics, and foreign language education. They also noted the importance of promoting exchange between researchers and staff from both universities, as well as student exchange. Through lively discussions, it was affirmed that TUFS and Tamkang University will continue to develop relations in the future.

Tamkang University faculty with TUFS President Hayashi, Vice President Matsukuma, and Professor Lin
Exchanging commemorative gifts: President Keh and President Hayashi
At the meeting