“Protect Yourself” Information Session on Overseas Crisis Management held at TUFS

August 22, 2019

On Wednesday the 19th of June, TUFS welcomed Mr. MATSUMAE Ryō (Senior Coordinator, Japanese Nationals Overseas Safety Division, Consular Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to lead a session on crisis management when overseas. This information session was aimed at students planning to study abroad on student exchanges or short visits, and those planning to travel abroad in general. Around 50 students attended this session.

During the session, Mr. Matsumae talked about recognizing the need to and preparing to “protect yourself”, and talked about safety precautions against possible risks (general crime, terrorism, natural disasters) using real-life examples of problems that Japanese travelers have run into. The session also covered a few lessons to be learnt from serious incidents and accidents involving students overseas, the responses of Japanese people in such occurrences, the dangers of not having enough information, and the importance of registering with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ residential report system “Tabi Reji”.

※The Student Exchange Division is hoping to hold similar information sessions in the future. We encourage those who could not attend this time to come to the next session.