Former UNDP Country Director in Syria Holds Special Lecture at TUFS

August 30, 2019

On Friday the 14th of June, TUFS invited former Country Director David Akopyan, Team Leader of Economic Development and Livelihoods MANOME Minako, and former Deputy Country Director (and TUFS Arabic Department alumna) SUZAKI Akiko from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Syria to give a special lecture entitled “UNDP Syria: Difficult Path to Peace and Longer Term Development?”.

This special lecture was held as part of a Middle Eastern Foundation Class (Global Liberal Arts Program). Following an outline of the state of affairs in Syria from Professor AOYAMA Hiroyuki (Graduate School of Global Studies, Contemporary Middle Eastern Politics), the guest lecturers gave a lecture on the damage situation from the war in Syria, the activities of the UNDP, and the support efforts of Japan.

After the lecture, the guest lecturers met with TUFS President HAYASHI Kayoko and Vice President (for International Affairs) MATSUKUMA Jun in the President’s Office.

Former Director Akopyan (right) and Team Leader Manome (left)
Many students participated in this special lecture
Ms. SUZAKI Akiko
A commemorative photograph in the President’s Office (from left: Team Leader Manome, Ms. Suzaki, former Director Mr. Akopyan, President Hayashi, Vice President Matsukuma)