Singaporean High School Students Visit TUFS

August 30, 2019

On Wednesday the 5th of June, a group of 16 high school students and staff from Singapore visited TUFS on a field trip sponsored by the Foundation for International Assistance to Peoples of Asia.

This trip is held annually by the foundation, and aims to forge closer international ties between Japan and Singapore by having their next generation of university students take an interest in studying in Japan.

The students began their visit by participating in the TUFS Introduction Program. This consisted of a welcome speech from Vice President MATSUKUMA Jun, an introduction to TUFS from Mr. TANIGUCHI Chikou of the Admissions Office, and an introduction to the new School of Japan Studies and the application process from Professor Tsutomu Tomotsune (Institute of Japan Studies). An introduction to student life at TUFS was also given by Ms. Boonyaprakob Patarasorn, a fourth year Thai international student in the School of International and Area Studies. The students asked her many questions on the TUFS majors, club activities, and student life in general.

Following this, the students went on a campus tour during which they visited the library and the Research and Lecture Building, and participated in one of the School of Japan Studies’ participatory classes.

Students participating in the School of Japan Studies class
Professor Tomotsune giving an introduction to TUFS
Campus Tour