Students and Faculty from Xi’an International Studies University Visit TUFS

May 30, 2019

On Thursday, May 23, 2019, students and faculty from Xi’an International Studies University (China), including Dr. Wu Yuxin, President of the School of Japanese Culture and Economics, visited TUFS. Three students that achieved excellent results at the Shaanxi Presentation Competition for University Students also paid a courtesy visit to President HAYASHI Kayoko and later had an exchange meeting with TUFS students.

Xi’an International Studies University was founded in 1952, making it one of the four oldest foreign language universities in China. In 2018, an international academic exchange agreement with TUFS was signed.

Mr. MURAO Seiichi, head of the Japanese Language Center for International Students (JLC), and Professor MIYAKE Takayuki (Institute of Global Studies) participated in the meeting later held in the President’s office. There was a consensus to hopefully sign a student exchange agreement in the hopes of further strengthening ties between both universities.

Afterwards, visitors from Xi’an International Studies University moved to the JLC and participated in a programme held by six TUFS students and the Volunteer Action Space (VOLAS). There, with the help of host FUJII Yoshiaki, a TUFS PhD student in the School of Language and Culture Studies, JLC President Murao, and DATE Hiroko (Lecturer at the Institute of Japan Studies), discussions on university life were carried out, further deepening amicable relations.

Lefts: President Wu Yuxin, Right: President Hayashi
Students during the exchange meeting
Exchange meeting participants