TUFS Ranked 17th Overall and 3rd in Humanities in “Really Strong University Ranking”

May 31, 2019

TUFS was ranked 17th overall in the “Really Strong University Ranking 2019” (June Edition, released May 27, Toyo Keizai Inc.). TUFS was also ranked as the third strongest humanities university.

This ranking is based on each university’s strength across the following four categories: One, how much an institution’s “educational/research strength” gives additional value to the students, two, this additional value’s contribution to graduate employment (“employment strength”), three, how much “financial strength” they exert, and four, their “international strength” or adaptability in a global era.

Aside from the general ranking, the School of International and Area Studies was ranked second, and the School of Language and Culture Studies 14th, in the language/international relations/liberal arts department category of the “Strong Employment Rate University” ranking.