Two TUFS staff participated Erasmus+ Staff Training Programs

July 31, 2018

On Friday the 27th of July, the debrief meeting of Erasmus+ Staff Training Week, the EU’s flagship education, was held at TUFS and two trainees shared their experiences. The details are as follows.

Trainee #1: Mayumi Kimoto, Staff of Research Promotion Division

Name of training program: UPV/EHU's 4th Staff Training Week, the University of the Basque Country, Spain
Term of program: 4th June – 8th June (5 days)
The theme of the program was “Internationalization and Mobility”. She explained the overall procedures for participation in this program and shared the outlines of participants’ presentations on the following topics: “Policies on international mobility partnership”, “Best practices on services for incoming students”, “Online/digital/paperless procedures/systems to manage international exchanges”, “Ways to motivate to study abroad” and so on.

Trainee #2: Jun Iizuka of Estimate and Planning Section, General Affairs Division

Name of training program: Jagiellonian University & University of Lodz Joint Staff Training Week, Poland
Term of program:18th June – 22nd June (5 days)
The objective of this program was to share the knowledge and best practices in international cooperation and international marketing and promotion of higher education institutions. Jagiellonian University and University of Lodz administrative staff gave presentations on international cooperation and policies of branding. “Polish Universities PR and Promotion Association (PROM)” and “European Universities Public Relations and Information Officers (EUPRIO)” also introduced their promotional activities. Based on the presentations, the participants of the training week discussed and shared their own experiences and ideas.

Both trainees participated in the program with a grant from the Erasmu+.

After trainees' presentation, Executive Director SAGISAKA expressed his expectations that the two trainees would utilize the knowledge and experiences which they have gained through each program and through communicating with other participants. It was first participation to join the Erasmus+ Staff Training Week from TUFS. We will continue to encourage participation of our staff in this program.

Nearly 30 teaching and administrative staff members gathered to listen to these presentations.