July Closing Ceremony and Social Gathering held for Exchange Students

August 6, 2018

On Friday the 13th of July, the Closing Ceremony for exchange programs ending in July was held in the TUFS Dining Hall. Around half of the 160 finishing students attended, and President Tateishi gave the congratulatory address.
Following this, the students were joined by other exchange students and students from the TUFS international exchange associations TOFSIA and LET’S, and a social gathering was held.
A speech was also given by the director of the Tokyo Gaigokai, and after toasting to their success, short speeches were given by finishing students, and there was also a performance by a band from the TUFS light music circle, Darmadarts. The occasion ended with a lively atmosphere.

A finishing student giving a short speech in Japanese
The exchange students enjoying themselves after the closing ceremony