TUFS Holds Joint Education Program with National University of Laos

July 26, 2018

On Wednesday the 18th of July, an opening ceremony was held for the short-term Joint Education Program, a program held as part of the Inter-University Exchange Project ‘TUFS Japan Specialist Program for the Enhancement of Japanese Language and Cultural Outreach in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia’. Five students attended from the National University of Laos, participated in tandem learning with TUFS Lao department students until July 21st (Saturday), and will study in the Japanese language and culture program (Short Stay Summer Program) from July 23rd until August 8th.
After the opening ceremony, a lecture was given by Dr. Malaykham Sayakone, a lecturer of the Japanese Department of the Faculty of Letters at the National University of Laos.

Student Representative of the National University of Laos, Mr. Nilamit Xaysompheng
TUFS Executive Director and Secretary General, Mr. Sagisaka, and Dean of the National University of Laos Faculty of Letters, Associate Prof. Aloun Silattanakoun
A group photograph after the ceremony
Dr. Malaykham’s lecture