Health Management Information Session for Students Planning to Travel Abroad held at TUFS

August 6, 2018

On Wednesday the 27th of June, Mr. Susumu Saito of Emergency Assistance Japan Co. Ltd and Ms. Ayano Katayama, a counselor at the TUFS Student Counseling Office, led a ‘Health Management Information Session for Students Planning to Travel Abroad’ at TUFS. This information session was aimed at students planning to study abroad in some form, whether it be a ‘short visit’ or a ‘dispatch exchange’.

Mr. Saito spoke about the OSSMA (Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance) service, gave a summary on the confirmation of safety system, and explained how to subscribe to this service. Ms. Katayama spoke about ways of adapting to foreign cultures, and how to deal with stress. 120 students participated in this session, and many could be seen writing notes throughout. This session showed the concern students have with managing safety and health while abroad.

※The Student Exchange Division intends to hold sessions like this one regularly. For students who could not participate in this session, please keep an eye out for the next one.

For more information about OSSMA, click the link below (page in Japanese).

Mr. Saito giving his lecture
Ms. Katayama giving her lecture