Singaporean High School Students Visit TUFS

August 7, 2018

On Thursday the 7th of June, a group of 16 Singaporean high school students, invited to Japan by the Foundation for International Assistance to People of Asia, visited TUFS. This visit is held every year by the foundation with the goal of getting the future generation of students to take an interest in studying in Japan, and constructing close international relations between the two countries.

At the time of the visit, following a welcome speech from Professor Sho Hagio (President’s Task Force, Chief of International Affairs), an introduction to TUFS was given by Ms. Asami Kikuchi of the Educational Affairs Division. Following this, an introduction to the new School of Japan Studies, currently taking applicants for 2019, was given by Professor Tsutomu Tomotsune (Institute of Japan Studies), and an introduction to life at TUFS was given by Australian international students Mr. Sol Dasika and Ms. Ruby Wilson (both third year Japanese Language majors in the School of Language and Culture Studies). The high school students asked questions about the majors on offer at TUFS, club activities and the TUFS student lifestyle. After this, a campus tour was held, and the students attended a lecture held in English.