TUFS Cooperates with Filming for 'Akita Jinbutsuden'

May 17, 2018

Recently, TUFS cooperated with Akita Television to film an episode of ‘Furusato Akita Saihakken Series, Akita Jinbutsuden’ focusing on Mineo Nakajima. This episode will be aired on May 26th (Saturday) from 3pm. Interviews from the Director of the TUFS Archives, Professor Yuriko Yoshida (Institute of Global Studies, Early Modern History Specialist), and Professor Takayuki Miyake (Institute of Global Studies, Modern Chinese Language Specialist), as well as footage of the TUFS campus is expected to be shown (NB broadcast contents are subject to change).

Akita Television ‘Furusato Akita Saihakken Series, Akita Jinbutsuden’ Website (page in Japanese)