5th ‘The Frontlines as told by Former MEXT Students’ Public Lecture held at TUFS

April 13, 2018

On the afternoon of Sunday the 11th of March, as the fifth installment of the Japanese Language Center for International Students’ ‘The Frontlines as told by Former MEXT Students’ public lecture series, former MEXT Exchange Student Chanthasone Inthavong from Laos, visited as guest lecturer, and gave a lecture on ‘Modern Laos’ 7.5% Economic Growth and the Daily Lives of its People’.
Ms. Inthavong works to support women and children with roots in both Laos and Japan. Speaking from her point of view, Ms. Inthavong discussed the current economic and cultural aspects of Laos, including the city and countryside, the expanding of foreign companies, education and publishing, and how this affects the daily lives of Laotians.
After the lecture, the attending citizens, students learning Lao at TUFS, and international students gathered around Ms. Inthavong to ask questions and advice for the future.