TUFS Students Place Second and Third at Malaysian Speech Contest

January 29, 2020

On Sunday the 1st of December, TUFS students KOJIMA Nagisa (School of Language and Culture Studies, Malaysian language studies, second year) and HAGIMOTO Yuri (School of International and Area Studies, Southeast Asian area studies, third year) placed second and third respectively at the “2019 Malay Speech Contest” (sponsored by the Japan-Malaysia Association with the cooperation of the Embassy of Malaysia in Japan, and Tourism Malaysia) held at the ASEAN-JAPAN Centre.

<Thoughts on Winning>

  • Kojima Nagisa
    I participated in this contest with a speech on the topic of “Traditional Culture We Should Protect Amid Economic Development”. Through this contest I was able to express myself in a speech, which was different from the usual grammar I use in class and conversations with friends, so it was a very valuable experience for me. In preparation for this speech, I reconsidered the question of “what expressions are easy for listeners to understand?”, decided what expressions best suited me, and directed all my efforts into practicing. I aim to continue to improve my Malay and continue asking myself this question throughout my future language studies. Lastly I would like to thank Professor Faridah for helping me practice every day, to Mr. Arai who organized this contest, and to my classmates who supported me. Thank you very much.
  • Hagimoto Yuri
    Firstly, I am very happy to have come in third place. While it is a disappointing result for a third year student, it was a good and encouraging experience for me to attempt this speech contest in my own way. I would like to express my thanks to Professor Faridah for guiding me throughout this contest. I want to keep studying Malay in the hopes that one day I will be able to speak it better than I can now.