TUFS Students Win Big at Vietnamese Speech Contest

December 5, 2019

On Saturday the 2nd of November, the 13th Vietnamese Speech Contest (held by Kanda University of International Studies, sponsored by the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Japan), at which TUFS student KUNISHIMA Sanshiro (School of Language and Culture Studies, Vietnamese language studies, first year) won first place in Category A, “Poetry Recital”. Fellow TUFS student NAKATOMI Haruna (School of International and Area Studies, Southeast Asian studies/Vietnamese language studies, third year) came in second place in Category D, “Third/Fourth Year Students (with exchange experience)”.

Thoughts on Winning – KUNISHIMA Sanshiro

Of the two assigned poems, I chose and recited “Người con gái Việt Nam” (Vietnamese Girl). I was worried, as only a year has passed since I began studying Vietnamese, but I focused all my efforts on two points: having the most beautiful pronunciation possible, and conveying my emotions as much as possible to the audience. The time I spent practicing, and the actual contest day itself have not only become very important experiences for me, but have also become a motivation for my Vietnamese studies.

Thanks to the guidance of my Vietnamese teachers, Professor NOHIRA Munehiro and Professor Bùi Duy Dương, I was able to win this prestigious award. I would like to use this opportunity to show my gratitude to them. Thank you very much.

Kunishima (right)
From right: Professor Nohira, Nakatomi, Kunishima. Far left: Professor Bùi Duy Dương