TUFS Students Translate/Interpret for Japan-Finland Diplomatic Relations 100 Year Anniversary Event

December 12, 2019

On Friday the 25th of October, to celebrate 100 years of Japan-Finland diplomatic relations, a film screening of “Eastern Memories” (2018) was held by TUFS Cinema at AGORA Global’s Prometheus Hall.

This film is a documentary that explores the past and present of Japan and Mongolia by following the footsteps of Gustaf John Ramstedt (1872-1950), linguist and first Finnish envoy to Japan. Following the screening, TUFS associate professor HARUNA Nobuo (Institute of Japan Studies) ran a talk session with directors Niklas Kullstrӧm and Martti Kaartinen, and director of the Finnish Institute in Japan, Anna-Maria Wiljanen.

The subtitles for this film were translated by three master’s students in the second year of the Graduate School of Global Studies’ “Japanese-English Interpreting and Translation Program”; UEMATSU Kumiko, SAKUMA Atsuko and MAEDA Takayou. School of Japan Studies first year student Aibyek Ainur assisted with Mongolian translations. In addition to this, three second year students (KOKURA Anna, NAKANO Shiho and HIRATA Kei) from the aforementioned master’s program acted as consecutive interpreters for the talk session.

This film will also be shown at six other universities and the EUROSPACE theater from the 24th of October until the 2nd of November.