TUFS Students Win Big at 2019 Khmer Speech Contest

October 17, 2019

On Saturday the 5th of October, the 2019 Khmer Speech Contest (held by the Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Japan, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan, ANA, Toyoko Inn) was held at the Cambodian Embassy in Akasaka, and TUFS students YOSHIDA Atsushi (School of Language and Culture Studies, third year) and NOGUCHI Ai (School of International and Area Studies, first year) won first and second place respectively.

Ten university students and two working adults took up the challenge of this year’s competition, and were judged by two staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a representative of Cambodian residents of Japan.

Mr. Yoshida spoke about his experiences on exchange at the Royal University of Phnom Penh’s Department of Khmer Literature, and the differences he noticed in temple preservation methods between the two countries when he participated in annual events. During the Q&A session, Mr. Yoshida impressed judges with the knowledge he gained on epigraphs and the Pali language during his time in the Department of Khmer Literature.

Ms. Noguchi gave her speech on Cambodian food culture from the perspective of Cambodian folktales. She also talked about her experiences making friends with Cambodian exchange students, the words she has learnt from them and the food culture she has experienced through them. The judges were impressed with her fluency and language ability, which far surpassed what is expected of any first year student.

Mr. Yoshida and Ms. Noguchi were each awarded with return tickets to Phnom Penh, an all-expenses paid hotel stay, and a commemorative plaque. In addition to this, all participants were awarded with a commemorative gift from the Cambodian Ambassador.

Mr. Yoshida and Ms. Noguchi’s speeches can be partially viewed through the links below.

1)[TUFS] 2019 Cambodian Speech Contest Winner, YOSHIDA Atsushi

2)[TUFS] 2019 Cambodian Speech Contest Runner-Up, NOGUCHI Ai

Ms. Noguchi giving her speech
Mr. Yoshida and the Cambodian Ambassador, H.E. Mr. UNG Rachana, at the awards ceremony