Presentation held for Summer Quarter “Work Experience” (Credit Exchange Internship)

October 17, 2019

On Friday the 27th of September, the final (post-course) presentation for the Global Liberal Arts Program’s “Work Experience” course, a course that has been held for the past three years, was held at TUFS. This course is a two-four week accredited work experience internship (with no direct relation to job hunting) aimed at first and second year students. This quarter, seven first-year students and seven second-year students, a total of 14 students, participated in this course. From gaining work experience at an early stage of their university lives, the students were able to become aware of the issues and opportunities they should be taking on during their time at TUFS. The students gave their presentations with a newfound sense of confidence and maturity. Summaries of the students' experiences will be available online at a later date via the Global Career Center website.
Despite many companies hosting their own internships as part of their employment activities, they took the time to cooperate with our education-based program. For this TUFS is very grateful. From next year and beyond, TUFS intends to work towards increasing the number of companies and students participating in this program.

【Participating Companies/Institutions】Listed in no particular order
Aflac Life Insurance Japan Ltd., Delphys Inc., Fast Retailing Co. Ltd., Hashimoto Sogyo Ltd., Pasona Group Inc., The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, Yazaki Corporation, Japan External Trade Organization, The Japan Foundation.