TUFS Students Talk to Fuchu Citizens About Disaster Management

August 30, 2019

On Friday the 21st of June, “What Would You Do?: Disasters Around the World”, a Fuchu City Hall – Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Collaboration Meeting, was held at TUFS.

At this meeting, students taking the School of Language and Culture Studies Global Communication Course’s “Internship” class (titled “Community Interpreting”) gave presentations on disaster management in the countries and regions that speak the languages they are majoring in.

After this, the attending volunteers from the Fuchu International Salon, Japanese language students and TUFS students split into groups to discuss and exchange opinions on the differences between disaster prevention in Japan and other countries, and the evacuation drills in the areas they live in.

Comment – The Student Hosts of the Meeting

・Ms. SANO Haruka (School of Language and Culture Studies, English language department, third year)
I think this meeting was a good opportunity to think of disasters as being close to home.
The citizens of Fuchu listened to the students’ presentations, and many commented that they learnt and discovered a lot of new things.
The students also had lively discussions with the participants, through which they were able to broaden their own horizons.
I hope we can create more opportunities like this with people from outside of the school.

・Ms. IKEDA Moeka (School of Language and Culture Studies, Portuguese language department, third year)
Through this meeting, I was able to not only learn about disaster prevention around the world, but I was also able to broaden my own horizons by sharing opinions with the citizens of Fuchu.
I hope to use the experience and knowledge I gained from this meeting and work hard in my future activities to contribute to a future where all people can live safely from disasters.