TUFS Postgraduate Student Wins Award at Phonetic Society of Japan’s General Meeting

June 6, 2019

TUFS postgraduate student KIMURA Kimihiko (Graduate School of Global Studies, Doctoral Program, second year) has won the Excellent Presentation Award at the 32nd General Meeting of the Phonetic Society of Japan (15-16 September 2018). Kimura’s presentation was titled “The fronting of English close-back vowel /u/ in Pennsylvania: Exploration into the connection between its geographical diffusion and the road traffic”.

The Excellent Presentation Award is given every year to the postgraduate student or under 40 society member with the best presentation at the General Meeting. Kimura’s presentation was deemed appropriate for this award for “having the viewpoint of filling gaps in the existing research”, “using a solid method of analysis to obtain the results” and “being clear”.
More information on this award can be seen through the link below.
http://www.psj.gr.jp/jpn/psj_awards (Japanese)

The award ceremony will be held at the 33rd General Meeting of the Phonetic Society in Japan (September 28-29 2019).

Comment – KIMURA Kimihiko

I am honored to have been chosen to receive this award. I would like to express my gratitude, from the bottom of my heart, to my research advisor and all the people who assisted me along the way. I know this award will become an incentive to throw myself into my research even more. I hope everyone will continue to guide and encourage me.