TUFS American Football Club Wins Division III, Advances to Division II

January 30, 2019

The TUFS American Football Club, PHANTOMS, has won all their matches in Division III (D Block) of the 2018 Kantoh Collegiate Football Association League.
On Sunday the 16th of December, the PHANTOMS played hard against Musashi University in the league play-offs, and as a result was promoted to Division II.
This victory marks the second major achievement for the PHANTOMS in seven years.
From the 2019 academic year, PHANTOMS will compete with teams from powerhouse universities in Division II’s B block.


○2018 Academic Year Division III D Block
Saturday 29th September, Soka University 10 – 14 TUFS
Sunday 14th October, Tokyo City University 7 – 27 TUFS
Sunday 28th October, Tokyo Metropolitan University 0 – 35 TUFS
Saturday 10th November, Dokkyo University 19 – 28 TUFS
Saturday 24th November, Tamagawa University 10 – 14 TUFS

○2018 Academic Year Play-offs
Sunday 16th December, Musashi University 6 (TB7) – 6 (TB14) TUFS (Division Promotion)

A Comment from PHANTOMS Captain, Tomohiro Namiki (School of Language and Culture Studies, Hindi Language Studies, fourth year)

In the 2018 season, we were able to win all our league matches, and our promotion match, fulfilling our longtime dream of advancing to a higher division.
Recently we’ve hit a slump in our club activities, but somehow we managed to achieve this result, and since I have only been captain for a year, this is a real honor for me.
I think our achievement is also partly due to our supporters who attend our games and check our SNS announcements.
Thank you very much. The 2019 season is going to be the most challenging one yet.
Please keep supporting the PHANTOMS!