TUFS Student Wins Russian Speech Competition

February 20, 2019

On Saturday the 1st of December 2018, TUFS student Natsuki Kobayashi participated in the B Class division of the “50th All Hokkaido Russian Speech Competition” (sponsored by the Japan-Eurasia Society Hokkaido Federation, the Sakhalin State Government and Hokkaido) and won first place.
In this competition, participants are split into A Class (those who have studied Russian for 2-3 years) and B Class (beginners and those who have studied Russian for less than one year). Ms. Kobayashi was placed in B Class, and competed with a three minute speech in Russian.

Comment – Natsuki Kobayashi

It was my first time giving a speech in Russian in front of such a large crowd. However, I worked up my confidence by writing drafts in Russian, learning correct pronunciation and Russian speech skills from teachers, and practicing; all of which led to me discovering how fun it is to be able to express myself in Russian. I was very nervous on the day of the competition, but I am honored to have received such a prestigious award.

This competition attracted a wide range of participants including elementary school kids, high schoolers and adults. I was moved by each of their speeches, and surprised at how good everyone is at Russian. This year I competed in B Class, but next year I definitely want to challenge myself and compete in A Class.

Commemorative Photograph (courtesy of the Japan-Eurasia Society Hokkaido Federation)
Ms. Kobayashi (courtesy of the Japan-Eurasia Society Hokkaido Federation)