TUFS Student Wins 12th Annual Student Interpretation Contest

February 28, 2019

On Saturday the 24th of November, TUFS student Shiho Nakano (School of Language and Culture Studies, English Language Studies, Global Communication Course, fourth year) won the grand prize at the 12th Annual Student Interpretation Contest 2018, a competition organized by and held at the Nagoya University of Foreign Studies.
This year’s topic was “AI and Its Impact on Human Society”, and selected students from 11 universities nationwide competed with their interpreting abilities.
TUFS participates in this contest every year as a special partner institution.

Comment – Shiho Nakano

For this competition, I studied up on the many different aspects of AI such as art, education and politics. Through competing, I had the opportunity to experience the nerves that come with interpreting in front of a crowd, which I felt was a very valuable experience. In addition to my performance at the competition, I also learnt a lot during my preparation and practice phase.
While once again feeling the importance of preparation prior to interpreting, I realized my own weak points and was able to overcome them; a feat that not only ties to my studies from now on, but which also became the fruits of my labors. Using this experience as a new source of encouragement, I want to put my all into practicing and studying interpreting.
I am very grateful to my academic advisor Professor Chikako Tsuruta, and Professor Tomoko Tamura from the International Christian University for guiding me in my interpretation studies. Thank you very much.

Left: Shiho Nakano, right: Professor Chikako Tsuruta