TUFS Student Wins Grand Prize at Vietnamese Speech Contest

February 20, 2019

On Saturday the 3rd of November 2018, TUFS student Ryoko Yamazaki (School of Language and Culture Studies, Vietnamese Language Studies, first year) competed in Category A of the Recitation Division in the “12th Vietnamese Speech Contest” (held by the Kanda University of Foreign Studies, sponsored by the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Japan), and won the overall grand prize of this division.
Participants in Category A of the Recitation Division were to choose and recite either the poem “sail” or “hometown”.

More details on this contest can be found here.

Comment – Ryoko Yamazaki

From the two poems I chose and recited “Những cánh buồm” (sail). It was a big challenge for me to recite a poem in Vietnamese, a language I’ve only been studying since April. I feel like I have grown a bit from participating in this contest. Also, it was a great opportunity for me to hear the speeches of skilled Vietnamese learners from all over Japan. Receiving the Grand Prize was more than I had imagined, and has become a motivation for my Vietnamese studies.

I am very grateful for Professor Munehiro Nomura, the head of Vietnamese Studies, and Professor Bùi Duy Dương. Thank you very much.