TUFS Students Win at Cambodian Speech Competition

November 9, 2018

On Monday the 16th of July, marking 65 years of Cambodia-Japan diplomatic relations, the 2018 Cambodian Speech Competition (organized by the Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Japan and the Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Fukuoka, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ANA) was held, at which TUFS students Rina Tsuzaki (School of Language and Culture Studies, Cambodian language studies, third year) and Reina Inoue (School of Language and Culture Studies, Cambodian language studies, fourth year) won first and third place respectively.

In this year’s competition, there were 14 participants (including 11 university students) and the judge’s panel was made up of four judge, including two representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and two representatives from the Cambodian community in Japan.

The winner of the competition, Ms. Tsuzaki, gave a speech on “Cambodian Hand Greetings and Japanese Bowing” in which she talked about the similarities and differences between the two cultures, using examples to illustrate her points clearly. Ms. Tsuzaki was praised by the judges for the content of her speech, her confidence, her beautiful pronunciation, and her explanation of her short visit exchange experience during the question and answer segment.

Ms. Inoue, who came in third place, gave her speech on “Friendship with Foreigners”, and used her experiences teaching Japanese in Cambodia as examples to discuss the importance of understanding each person individually, and not just based on nationality. Her natural pronunciation, honed during her time on exchange in Cambodia, was highly praised.

As a prize for coming in first place, Ms. Tsuzaki was awarded with return tickets to Cambodia, a hotel voucher, and traditional handmade silverwork. Ms. Inoue was also awarded with return tickets to Cambodia, and all participants were given a commemorative tote bag and t-shirt.

Ms. Tsuzaki and Ms. Inoue’s speeches can be seen on the Youtube: TUFS Channel.

Cambodian Speech Competition 2018 First Place - Rina Tsuzaki’ Speech
Cambodian Speech Competition 2018 Third Place – Reina Inoue’s Speech

Rina Tsuzaki receiving praise from Ambassador Chea Kimtha
Reina Inoue receiving praise from Mr. Yoshiaki Ishizawa, Director of the Sophia Asia Center for Research
The current Ambassador of the Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Japan will soon take her departure from office, so TUFS presented Her Excellency Ms. Chea Kimtha, with a card and bouquet to thank her for supporting the speech competitions and visiting the language plays at the TUFS Gaigosai every year.