Club/Circle Guidance Session for Exchange Students held at TUFS

May 31, 2018

On Wednesday the 23rd of May, a ‘Club/Circle Guidance Session for Exchange Students’ was held for the first time by students from circles and clubs looking to recruit exchange students.
This session was held after surveys showed that many exchange students wanted to participate in club/circle activities, but for some reason were not.
Seven arts clubs and four athletic clubs participated in the session, and after giving introductions of their respective activities, encouraged exchange students to visit the booths of the circles/clubs that sparked their interests to learn even more.
Over 20 exchange students attended the session, all of which could be seen listening intently.
In addition, many exchange students visited the booths after the initial introduction, showing their interest in participating.
Some participating clubs/circles were lucky enough to have exchange students enroll as members on the spot, proving that this session was very effective.

Students introducing their circles/clubs
Exchange students listening intently
Discussing at the booths