Lecture Series and Symposium held by the Institute of Japan Studies

March 20, 2018

From September 2017 until February 2018, the Institute of Japan Studies held the 2017 Lecture Series and International Symposium ‘A Look at International Japan Research: Language, Culture and Education’ (six days in total).
This year’s lecture series and symposium focused on international Japan studies from the perspective of Japanese language education. At each lecture, TUFS personnel acted as designated debaters who both listened intently and posed various questions and arguments. At the international symposium, a lecture was given by Professor Kumiko Sakoda (Hiroshima University), and a panel discussion by four panelists on Japanese as a regular research language.

Details of each day can be seen below (pages in Japanese).

○Lecture Series

Lecture 1, Friday 29th September 2017. Speaker: Mr. Yuichi Sunakawa (The Japan Foundation), Designated Debater: Mr. Yohey Arakawa (TUFS)

Lecture 2, Thursday 19th October 2017. Speaker: Mr. Takao Suzuki (Keio University), Designated Debater: Mr. Sukero Ito (TUFS)

Lecture 3, Thursday 9th November 2017, Speaker: Ms. Iki Tanaka (Youth Support Center), Designated Debater: Mr. Nobuo Haruna (TUFS)

Lecture 4, Friday 8th December 2017. Speaker: Mr. Kei Ishiguro (National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics), Designated Debater: Tomoko Fujimura (TUFS)

Lecture 5, Thursday 18th January 2018. Speaker: Mr. David Atkinson (Konishi Decorative Arts & Crafts), Designated Debater: Timon Screech (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)

International Symposium ‘Thinking About International Japan Studies: Japanese Language and Education’

Saturday 10th February 2018

1st Half, Lecture. Speaker: Ms. Kumiko Sakoda (Hiroshima University), Designated Debater: Ms. Emiko Hayatsu (TUFS)

2nd Half, Panel Discussion. Panelists: Ms. Sumie Terada (National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations), Ms. Barbara Pizziconi (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London), Ms. Aya Ezawa (Leiden University), John Porter (TUFS)

Lecture 1, Mr. Yuichi Sunakawa
Lecture 2, Mr. Takao Suzuki
Lecture 3, Ms. Iki Tanaka
Lecture 4, Mr. Kei Ishiguro
International Symposium, Ms. Kumiko Sakoda
International Symposium, Panel Discussion