Emergency Student Support Benefit for “Continuing the Education”

May 21, 2020

1. The Japanese government has announced the program “Emergency Student Support Benefit” for “continuing the education” (hereafter referred to as “the program”) to support the students who are struggling financially due to cutbacks on their part-time jobs and facing difficulties in continuing their education.

○「学びの継続」のための『学生支援緊急給付金』(文部科学省ウェブサイト) (In Japanese only)

○「学びの継続」のための 『学生支援緊急給付金』申請の手引き(学生・生徒用)(In Japanese only)

2. Students who wish to apply or are considering applying (regardless of Undergrad or graduate, Japanese or International) shall go over the above links carefully and contact the Student Affairs division by replying through the following form-mailer.
(Deadline: 12 noon May 29, 2020)

On Emergency Student Support Benefit (TUFS)

3. Student Affairs Division will contact you individually on the details of the application method and contents.