Help TUFS Fundraise for Yamagata Study Tour

May 31, 2018

Here at TUFS, we have begun crowdfunding for the ‘TUFS Yamagata Study Tour’ Project.
Please help donate towards the study tour fees of both regular and international students!

Name of Project:
Promoting Inbound Tourism in Yamagata through the Efforts of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Students
Yamagata Study Tour

Fundraising Goal: \1,000,000
Project Duration: 30 days starting from Tuesday 29th May

For eight days and seven nights, from the 17th-24th of July, TUFS will send a group of 30 students, including both regular and international students, to stay in Shirataka, Sagae and Takahata in Yamagata. During their stay, students will assist local businesses and contribute towards livelihood, all while promoting the region in various languages across social media platforms.
The goal of this project is for TUFS students to learn about the livelihoods and industries cultivated by the history of this region, think about the appeal of Yamagata from a global perspective, and ultimately, think of ways to contribute to the much-desired inbound tourism of Yamagata.

This will not be a simple leisure trip to Yamagata. Students will be sent to Yamagata with awareness of existing issues, and will deepen their understanding of the region through interacting with local residents. Under the guidance of professionals, students will create contents for social media, with the expectation that these results will be viewed as effective by both tourism professionals and the local residents of Yamagata.
The students have a sense of awareness, that is, they want to contribute to society in their own way. Because of this, TUFS set its sights on creating a project in which students could produce meaningful results, a project that could not be achieved by university professors alone. We hope to make this project a reality with the support of the Yamagata local government and the Yamagata business community.

However, many international students struggle with raising money for their own living expenses, and some Japanese students work part-time just to cover their school fees. Because of circumstances such as these, TUFS hopes to give these students various opportunities to really learn about Japan.
Therefore, donations to this project will be used to cover travel fees for the students participating in this study tour.

How to Contribute:
Those wishing to donate towards this project must make an account on the Crowdfunding website, Readyfor. After creating an account, donations can be made through pushing the button labeled 「このプロジェクトに寄附する」 (‘donate to this project’) button on our Readyfor page. Donations can be made via credit card and/or bank deposit transfer.

For more information on this project, account registration and donating, please refer to our Readyfor page: