The TUFS Global Community Meeting Held in Mexico City on October 25th

November 17, 2014

On Saturday, October 25th, the TUFS Global Community Meeting was held in Mexico City. This meeting is part of the TUFS Global Community project organized by the Office for International Academic Strategy with support from Tokyo Gaigokai. The purpose of the project is to promote the formation of a network among faculty members, graduates and researchers, and to support current students studying abroad. 

The meeting coincided with the TUFS president’s visit to Mexico. He visited the country to participate in the Mexico-Japan Rectors’ Summit. Aside from President Tateishi, faculty members from TUFS, and students studying in the country, about 20 Japanese graduates based in Mexico and Mexican graduates joined the meeting. They talked about current events at TUFS and in Mexico.
The meeting demonstrated the diversity of career paths in a globalized world, as attendees came from a variety of backgrounds. Some students had enrolled in internships, while others had studied in Japan or Mexico as exchange students. Some graduates have worked as overseas representatives and other graduates have been with local companies, or have set up their own companies.