MEXT Undergraduate Students Visit Ibaraki prefecture with TUFS Japanese Students

November 10, 2014

 Between October 9th and 10th, TUFS Japanese students and MEXT undergraduate students visited Ibaraki Prefecture located in northeast Japan, an hour away from Tokyo. The trip included: Cultural excursion of traditional Japanese culture, Making Pottery, and Learning about cutting-edge high technologies. They visited Kairakuen, one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan in Mito city and Tsukubasan-Jinja, a shinto-shrine with a 3000 year history, on a mountain in the prefecture. The students took a tour of JAXA and wore robot-suits.
 Thoroughout the visit, MEXT students and Japanese students deepened their friendship.
 For MEXT students, this experience was a good opportunity to be ready for next year.  For the Japanese students, it was also a chance to recognize the ingenuity of Japanese culture, as foods and technologies which they consider standard is foreign to students from overseas. Japanese students learned how to explain Japanese culture to exchange students.